Asia Conference in Bangkok, March 2013

(from left) Gloria Careaga (Co-Secretary General of ILGA), Sahran Abeysundara and Poedjiati Tan (both from ILGA Asia board) at the regional caucus on 12th December

Our ILGA Asia’s last conference in 2010 in Surabaya, Indonesia was attacked by the religious extremists and eventually cancelled. That means ILGA Asia hasn’t had a regional conference since the one in 2008 in Chang Mai, Thailand.

At the regional caucus held on the morning of 12th December, we discussed a host city for the conference in 2013 as one of many important agendas we had. Today, it was announced (on the wall of the conference venue!) that the 5th ILGA Asia conference will be held on 29th-31st March 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand with the theme “ILGA Asia, The Phoenix Rising.”

Keep your eyes on our updates! Looking forward to seeing you all in Bangkok!


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Azusa Yamashita

Azusa Yamashita joined in Gay Japan News, LGBT news source and advocacy group in Japan in 2005 as editor. She currently serves for the group as editor and co-director. Being born and having lived in Iwate, one of the seriously affected provinces by the Great East Japan Disaster, she was appointed as mediator of national women’s network, Rise Together for women tsunami survivors and founded her province’s first LGBT group, Iwate Rainbow Network.


  1. Stan Tan (3 years ago)

    I am an academic and am interested in the Bangkok conference in March 2013 but cant find any information about it. Please help. Thank you.

  2. Basu (3 years ago)

    Dear all,

    It is great no wonder ILGA conference takes place every year but the opportunities are given only to those persons who have experience and have visited different places. I wish they provide opportunities to those who are also newcomers and try to learn new things. Anyways all the best for the upcoming events though.


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